Digital, IOT and sensor solution for Real Estate developments and Communities of Owners

Digital management of buildings and facilities throughout their life cycle

A complete digital solution for information management in real estate developments

COMMUNITY offers Property Promoters and Administrators a complete digital solution for the management of information and communication in the Communities of Owners and for the control of facilities and maintenance, all integrated into a single platform.

COMMUNITY is inspired by the concept of connected and intelligent buildings and applies it to the field of housing and Communities of Owners. The result is an innovative tool that combines the advantages of information and communication technologies with wireless communications and advanced sensor technology, designed and developed to facilitate the transfer of information and simplify both the operational management of residential buildings and service provision and maintenance management.



Time and cost savings from the start of construction


All property and Community documentation on one cloud platform


Streamlines communication between administrator, owners and service companies


Facilitates the transfer of information and documentation

software innovación

Accessible 24/7 for owners, administrators and service companies


Allows you to accurately locate hidden facilities, using sensors

software innovación

Allows you to have a historical record of maintenance, inspections and repairs

software innovación

Applicable to new and pre-existing buildings

Monsec, solución de Witeklab para la monitorización online del fraguado del hormigón en tiempo real


Time and cost savings from the start of construction

Monsec® is a Witeklab solution for monitoring the setting of concrete in construction projects, which records key parameters inside the formwork in an automated way and provides accurate information, in real time, on the strength and maturity of the concrete during the setting process, offering reliable support to project management in making decisions for interventions in the formwork, based on real data


Real-time setting monitoring.


Decision making based on real data.


Time savings in the construction process.


Reduction of costs derived from waiting times.

System for locating and reporting hidden facilities using advanced sensors

Easy to implement, intuitive and cost efficient, COMMUNITY is the solution for the management of Communities of Owners that solves the main problems that affect developers, administrators, owners and service companies.

Applying the sensor technology developed by Witeklab, COMMUNITY allows the inventory of assets and the location of hidden facilities by incorporating sensors at key points. This system facilitates inspection and maintenance tasks, since it allows to have the information on the marked elements with a single click and reduces the risk of damage to the installations when they are hidden.

It is also possible to integrate sensors in buildings with specific applications for the detection of pathologies such as corrosion or humidity.


Exact location of installations, pipelines and machinery

More agility and efficiency in maintenance actions


Traceability of the information associated with each sensor

Lower maintenance and repair costs

Miembros del equipo técnico de Witeklab y la UPV supervisando el proyecto piloto de Corrochip

Quick identification of all types of elements

Community’s sensor system allows the marking of all types of elements, whether they are hidden or not (electrical installations, pipes, machinery …) and can be implemented in the building construction process, in renovations and also in  pre-existing buildngs. These are passive sensors that do not require power or maintenance, that can be easily integrated and that have a high durability.

Registration of the information of the marked items

The Community APP allows you to link to each sensor the information you want about the marked installation (images, technical description, plans, inspections …) as well as to consult it, update it and view the sensors on the plan.

Hidden elements detection and information retrieval

For successive interventions in a hidden installation, operators will be able to precisely locate the point where the sensor is located using the COMMUNITY reader device. This will indicate the exact position of the sensor, for a faster and safer intervention.

Instalación de sensor para monitorización de la corrosión en un proyecto realizado por Acciona.

Welcome to the Property Owners’ Association 4.0

COMMUNITY offers Property Promoters and Administrators a complete digital solution for the management of information and communication in the Communities of Owners and for the control of facilities and maintenance, all integrated into a single platform.

COMMUNITY allows access at any time to all the information of the building and the community through a web application and keeping it updated, facilitates communication and solves the problem of information transfer between promoter, administrator, owners and service companies.


Integrated document management. It allows keeping all kinds of documents in the cloud, both of the building (plans, deeds, licenses, images …) and of the Community (statutes, minutes, communications …).


Management of maintenance of common areas. The entire maintenance and repair process is centralized in Community, both the communication with the service company and the file of reports, delivery notes and other documents, leaving a historical record of the maintenance.


User profile configuration. Administrator, developer, owners and service companies … Community allows you to configure different levels of access so that interested parties can access relevant information and download documentation.


Communication between members of the Community. Through the announcement panel and a messaging service between owner and administrator or between Administrator and maintenance or services company.

Record of entries and exits of maintenance personnel

Thanks to Witeklab technology, it is as simple as bringing the mobile phone close to the reader and it will record the date, time and location of the moment of reading.

This function of the Community app provides great added value to real estate development and is very useful for both property managers and maintenance company managers, since with Community they will be able to access the entry and exit register of the operators.

It also provides a great benefit to rental management companies, who will be able to know exactly when maintenance actions have been carried out in the buildings they manage.

Witeklab reinforces its Community platform for the management of information and communication in real estate developments, incorporating a non-intrusive reader that facilitates the management of property maintenance throughout the value chain.

Miembros del equipo técnico de Witeklab y la UPV supervisando el proyecto piloto de Corrochip

Platform features

Maintenance monitoring

Record of entries and exits of maintenance personnel

Digital notice board

For announcements and notices addressed to members of the Community, with a notification system.

Common zones

It allows to include description and images of each area and contact information for breakdowns.

Individual housing

Private section with information, images, documents and elements marked with a sensor, of each home.


List of parking spaces with details of each space and document management.


Historical record of maintenance and repairs carried out in common areas.


List of sensors installed in common areas, with reference, location and documentation linked to each element.


Downloadable repository of documents of the building and of the Community of Owners.


For individual administrator-owner and administrator-supplier communication, with a notification system.


User management and access levels. Agenda with contact details of all authorized users.


* The administrator has access to all functionalities, while owners and service companies have limited access to certain sections.

Advantages throughout the value chain

For the Promoter


Innovation, added value to the promotion. Transparency for the client.


Guarantees the transfer and availability of the technical and legal documentation of the house


Facilitates the location of the hidden facilities of the building.


Greater efficiency and lower cost in maintenance, both for the Community and the developer.

For the Property Administrator


Added value to the service: transparency, efficiency and innovation.


Simplification of administration tasks.


All properties in one solution.


Direct and permanent contact with owners and service companies.

For the Owner


Access at all times to the documentation of the house and the Community, in digital format.


Easy location of hidden facilities in common areas and in the house, in case of repair or maintenance.


Instant reception of the notices published on the notice board.


Direct communication with the administrator, by chat.


Cost savings for the Community.

For the Service Company


One-click access to up-to-date technical information.


Direct contact with the administrator: solves communication problems for the provision of services.


Availability of an intuitive system to report on the services provided.

Witeklab Community

Find out about the application possibilities of Witeklab Community in your building or Community of Owners.