Autonomous system for corrosion monitoring and assessment in reinforced concrete
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CORROCHIP is a comprehensive system for the evaluation of corrosion processes in steel rebar in reinforced concrete, which uses sensors embedded in the structure to perform long-term measurements, providing real-time parameters and a very accurate estimation of the corrosion rate by means of a non-destructive technique..

CORROCHIP offers improved performance over traditional systems based on in-situ monitoring. This monitoring system is a technologically advanced tool for infrastructure management companies. CORROCHIP facilitates decision-making based on up-to-date and reliable information to guarantee the integrity of structures, extend their useful life and significantly reduce maintenance costs..

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Autonomous system with embedded sensors


Long-term remote monitoring


High precision non-destructive technique

software innovación

Calculation of corrosion rate by advanced algorithm

software innovación

Applicable to any type of reinforced concrete structure

software innovación

Programmable alarm system

Instalación de sensor para monitorización de la corrosión en un proyecto realizado por Acciona.

Installation of a sensor for monitoring corrosion in a project carried out by Acciona.

Anticipate structural integrity issues

CORROCHIP is an autonomous system that provides the information needed to assess the progress of corrosion, allowing timely action in case of deterioration, to ensure structural safety.

Long-term constant monitoring

CORROCHIP is integrated into the structure and acts as a sentinel system, making and sending measurements periodically during the useful life of the structure. The durability of the sensors and the technique used allow the system to be used for years.

Can be integrated into new and existing structures

CORROCHIP sensors are designed for use in both new construction projects and existing structures. In the latter case, the system is integrated into the structure through minimal intervention.

How does corrosion happen?

Illustrative video of the evolution of corrosion processes in reinforced concrete kindly provided for educational and informative purposes by Cortec.

Cortec® Corporation is committed to providing world class corrosion solutions for industries across the globe. As the global leader in innovative, environmentally responsible corrosion control technologies.

Connected structures: more security at lower cost

Thanks to remote monitoring and the reliability of CORROCHIP’s predictive maintenance system, infrastructure management companies achieve significant cost savings compared to other preventive or corrective maintenance strategies.

An innovative technique

The CORROCHIP system combines the potential of Witeklab’s advanced sensorics with the novel PSV-TE technique developed by a team of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This technique is based on the Tafel extrapolation method (TE) for the detection of corrosion, improving its main drawbacks by avoiding the polarization of the reinforcements, resulting in a non-destructive method.

A 360° service

Witeklab offers its customers a specialized technical team, which at the request of the customer will conduct the study of the structure and pre-project, the installation of the Corrochip system and then will conduct periodic or reports and advice on the interpretation of the reports and on the adoption of repair and/or reinforcement measures

Miembros del equipo técnico de Witeklab y la UPV supervisando el proyecto piloto de Corrochip
Logotipo de Corrochip

Control and evaluation of corrosion in reinforced concrete

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