Engineering and technology consulting services
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Innovation and IoT solutions

Witeklab offers consulting services to companies and entities from various sectors and develops solutions focused on the capture, transmission and processing of data, inspired by the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0 and smart cities and communities .

Highly specialized teams

Our developments provide advanced solutions to the construction, infrastructure and civil works sectors and also in the field of logistics and the control of movable property. Thanks to the collaboration with research teams from diverse disciplines, we have the capacity to develop projects in a growing number of fields, both private and public.

R+D+i for construction and infrastructures

Witeklab has an interdisciplinary technical team with the capacity to analyze specific requirements of the construction sector, such as structural problems or the detection and monitoring of pathologies, and to support the adoption of the most suitable techniques and materials to solve structural resistance problems.

Our own advanced sensor laboratory

We have our own advanced sensorics laboratory, which allows us to offer a wide range of solutions to provide connectivity for all types of structures through the integration of sensors and the design of communications networks that allow the transmission of data for remote monitoring of the structures.