Trenchip, Witeklab’s sensor solution, not only allows utilities and public authorities to digitize their subway infrastructure network, but also facilitates maintenance tasks, as Trenchip can be used to mark and locate key points in the installations, thus reducing the risk of accidents and the time required to carry out the work, with the resulting savings.

During maintenance work on a site where Trenchip sensors are installed, they must be geolocated to ensure that the drilling is carried out at the right point without damaging crossings with other pipelines, if any. To read the sensors, it is necessary to use the Trenchip reader together with the app.

The reading process is very simple: once the Trenchip reader is turned on, it must be connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device with the geolocation function activated. This, through the app, will show in real time the proximity of the Trenchip sensor. To detect the exact point, simply point the reader to the ground and move it slightly in the direction in which the app detects the Trenchip sensor with the greatest intensity. By following the app’s instructions you will be able to see the exact location of the point in the pipeline and view images from inside the trench along with any additional documentation that has been assigned to the sensor.

Thanks to the Trenchip system it is possible to quickly and accurately detect an exact point of a pipeline in a trench thanks to the use of the Galileo satellite network which offers a higher degree of accuracy than other systems. This ensures accurate geolocation.
geolocation accuracy is guaranteed. With Trenchip, Witeklab offers a unique solution on the market that makes the control and maintenance of trenches and pipelines easier, safer and more economical.