Andorra became the cycling capital in the Pyrenees on August 4 with the celebration of the 5th edition of the Joaquim “Purito” Rodríguez cycling tour, which this year has broken the record of participants, with more than 2,800 registered, and that it has had the participation of the mythical cyclist Pedro “Perico” Delgado, who was honored in this edition.

The Purito organization has taken an exemplary initiative to protect the environment and make sustainable use of resources, eliminating the use of paper in the documentation for cyclists and in information documents. The information of the Purito was distributed in digital format through its own wireless network with connected mini-servers, created with the CHAtU system of the Andorran company Witeklab. The cyclists were able to access all the documentation at the collection point of the bib and download it to their mobile.

By avoiding the use of printed paper in the documentation of the march the Purito puts its grain of sand for the care of the environment and the fight against climate change. The distribution of information in digital format is more efficient and also means a great economic saving for the sponsors and also for the organization of the march.

With this experience, the added value of CHAtU solutions in the organization of sporting events has been evident.

The document distribution through the CHAtU system is:

_ More efficient, as it allows you to create a wireless network anywhere and connect cloud servers to share information in digital format.

_ More sustainable because it avoids the use of printed paper, transport and storage of documentation, reducing CO2 emissions.

_ More economical, in saving the costs derived from editorial production and distribution of documentation.

We are grateful to the organization of La Purito for its commitment to the CHAtU document management system to facilitate the access of the attendees to the information and enhance the sustainability of the event by reducing the use of paper.