Microzanjas, in its policy of offering the most innovative technologies for its Fiber Optic installations, has installed Trenchip.

Trenchip is a cutting-edge technology developed by Witeklab and that Microzanjas has successfully applied in the Les Planes-Sant Martí de Llemena Works. In this way, it provides them with a unique system in the insured market, their exact geoposition, as well as guaranteeing the digitalized information over the years so that future maintenance is easier, faster, safer and more economical, saving in costs.

With Trenchip, Microzanjas provides the installation with:

Long-life passive sensors
Ensures the exact geolocation of the facilities.
Viewing sensors on the map and layouts.
Digitized information available 24/7 about the installation through the Trenchip platform, where you can consult locations, layouts, photographs, videos, plans, technical reports, etc. of the installation.