Online monitoring of concrete setting in real time

* Product in validation and pilot testing phase.

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MONSEC® enables remote monitoring of concrete setting in construction projects and provides accurate, real-time information on concrete strength and maturity during the setting process.

The MONSEC® system uses next-generation wireless sensors for the automatic recording of key parameters inside the formwork, processes the data in the cloud and provides you with key parameters for decision-making in the management of concrete curing and optimization of concrete. 


Integrated and automated system


Accurate information in real time


All your formwork in one tool


Information in the cloud accessible 24/7

intervalos programables

Programmable measuring time for each sensor

intervalos programables

Alarms via SMS

intervalos programables

Optimize deadlines and costs

intervalos programables

Quick and easy to implement

Sensores inalámbricos de ultra-bajo consumo

Automate the control of your formwork

The MONSEC® system uses ultra-low consumption wireless sensors distributed throughout the formwork. After the concrete has been poured, the sensors measure the temperature and humidity at programmed intervals, providing constant information about the conditions inside the concrete.

The MONSEC® web application allows access to this information in real time, from anywhere.

Configuration in minutes with the mobile app

The introduction and configuration of the formwork in the system is done with the MONSEC® mobile application. This application allows to generate an unlimited number of forms, plan the distribution of the sensors in each project and parameterize the measurement intervals of the sensors independently, as well as program automatic alarms in case of deviation from the expected values.

Presentation of key parameters in real time

The intelligent MONSEC® algorithms perform a precise calculation of the instantaneous resistance of concrete Rc (MPa) from the temperature and relative humidity records made by the sensors. Through the MONSEC® web application, you can track key parameters, view evolution charts and generate reports at any time during the process.


Real-time temperature graphs.


Relative humidity graphs in real time.


Calculation of compressive strength.


Thermal diagram in formwork with multiple sensors.

Your ally in decision making

With MONSEC® you can manage all your projects on a single platform, save unnecessary waiting time for stripping and reduce the risk of non-conformity in compression tests using specimens.

The automation of data collection and processing saves time and human resources, while remote access to information makes it possible to streamline processes and decision-making on formwork interventions.

Configuración y gráficas de parámetros clave

MONSEC® uses advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms developed entirely by the Witeklab team of engineers together with Smart Engineering, a spin off of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

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