Active remote monitoring of slope protection systems, anchorages and against landslides

ROCKCHIP is an autonomous telemetry system that detects changes in slope protection systems and provides data in an automated way on the state of the monitored element, its integrity and the evolution of the stresses to which it is subjected.

Unlike other remote inspection systems, ROCKCHIP employs autonomous sensors and an efficient mixed connectivity system to record parameters in the field, transmit them to the cloud server and present the data in real-time through a web platform.


Autonomous system with sensors integrated into the protection system


Remote and real-time monitoring

mapa topográfico

Adaptation to all kinds of configurations and complicated terrain


Proactive security: change detection and anticipation of integrity issues

zonas de difícil acesso

Solves the inspection of protection systems in hard-to-reach areas


Cost reduction in surveillance and in-place inspections

Main applications

  • Detection of anchor breakage
  • Detection of stone falls or sudden movements.
  • Monitoring of elongations of the order of a millimeter of barriers, screens, screens or protection meshes.
  • Detection of stresses in tensioning elements.
Instalación de sensor para monitorización de la corrosión en un proyecto realizado por Acciona.

Versatility and reliability

Rockchip’s detection system is highly flexible and adapts to all types of configurations and orography, thanks to the interconnection of the elements by radio signal.

ROCKCHIP provides up-to-the-minute information on the status of slopes, sends alerts and offers relevant parameters to be able to anticipate problems in the protection systems.

Thanks to its reliability, rockchip’s detection system can replace or complement visual inspections and is a highly useful resource for inspection in hard-to-reach areas.

Integrable in slope protection structures

  • Reinforced meshes

  • Triple twist meshes

  • Cable network

  • Ring networks

  • Dynamic barriers

The ROCKCHIP Detection System

Monitoring and surveillance using integrated sensors

Rockchip’s detection system is based on monitoring by means of sensor elements, which are integrated into the slope protection element, and on the deployment of a communication system that transmits the data recorded by the sensors by means of a long-range radio network, to the central server in the cloud.

Once the field detection system has been implemented, ROCKCHIP provides in real time the information necessary to remotely evaluate the status of the protection system and allows to observe specific events that are recorded in it.

With ROCKCHIP’s autonomous monitoring system, the slope goes from being a passive element to being an active element.

The keys to the ROCKCHIP detection system


Sensors of different types: movement, displacement, efforts

comunicaciones radio

Connectivity via long-range, ultra-low-power radio network

energia solar

Power system with recharging by long-lasting solar panels


Remote adjustment of detection thresholds for sensors

Advanced sensorics of different typology for optimal deployment

Rockchip’s detection system can include sensors of different types, to detect movements, displacements or efforts. This allows us to design the most appropriate configuration to cover the needs in each particular case depending on the type of slope, the protection system to be monitored and the type of changes to be detected.

ROCKCHIP sensors are developed in our own Advanced Sensor Laboratory. All of them allow the modification of the detection thresholds at a distance, by means of SMS, in an individualized way.

Network connectivity by GPRS and radio

The transmission of the parameters recorded by the RockChip sensors is solved through the deployment of a long-range and ultra-low consumption radio network, whose purpose is to provide the system with the necessary connectivity and send the information to the central server in the cloud, through GSM/GPRS/3G/4G data connection.

The powering of the communications equipment is done by means of long-lasting solar panels.

Miembros del equipo técnico de Witeklab y la UPV supervisando el proyecto piloto de Corrochip

Guaranteed connectivity in any environment

Rockchip’s detection system has a great capacity to adapt to all kinds of configurations and complicated terrain. It is possible to configure the communication system in a centralized or distributed way, depending on the specific requirements, determining the optimal distribution of sensor elements and the most appropriate communication system to provide the system with the necessary connectivity between its elements.

Centralized system

A central radio equipment receives measurements from sensor systems and packages them to be transmitted to the cloud server.

Distributed system

A network is created in which each of the sensors performs as a bridge or repeater of the signals of the other sensors, directing the signals to a central channel or Gateway, which makes the transmission to the server.

Data Visualization

RockChip includes a webapp for the real-time visualization of the data transmitted by the detection systems and for the remote management of the system.

Instalación de sensor para monitorización de la corrosión en un proyecto realizado por Acciona.

Features of the RockChip webapp


Visualization on the map of the active protection systems and each monitoring element.


Access to measurements and status of sensors and other elements of the detection system.


Configuration of user profiles with different privileges.


Configuration of alarms via SMS and/or email. Integrable via API on other platforms.


Generating and downloading reports.

Rockchip | Monitorización activa en remoto de sistemas de protección de taludes y contra desprendimientos

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