Witeklab has collaborated with Sorigué to install CORROCHIP sensors in a brine pipeline tank, located in the municipality of Sallent. This structure showed an advanced corrosion process due to the high chloride and other corrosive sediments in its contents.

Taking advantage of the repair work carried out on the damaged tank due to corrosion problems in the reinforcement, Witeklab’s CORROCHIP sensors were installed in order to monitor possible corrosion problems in real time. This has been done by installing these sensors at key points of the structure, both the repaired and existing parts. These will provide daily information on the state of the reinforcement that might otherwise go unnoticed. A very useful tool for the rigorous control and maintenance of structures.

CORROCHIP is an innovative system that uses sensors embedded in the structure to measure the thickness of rust on the reinforcement and detect when a corrosion process begins in steel structures embedded in concrete. The great advantage of this method is the remote access to real-time data on the state of the structure and the progression of corrosion with a very high degree of reliability. It eliminates the need for on-site interventions and makes it possible to anticipate deterioration situations that could compromise the integrity of the structure.

This is already the second CORROCHIP installation carried out by Sorigué in the brine pipeline network, a fact that corroborates the real advantages of Witeklab’s innovative system. CORROCHIP will allow Sorigué to guarantee the safety of the structure and reduce maintenance costs.