An innovative solution from the Terrassa company, Witeklab, will guarantee the protection of the Guinardó Park in Barcelona against stone slides. Witeklab is a company specialized in the design and supply of technological solutions for telecommunications, electronics and integrated computer systems in construction and maintenance infrastructures.

In collaboration with the firm from Gavà, Talio, specialized in slope stabilization, environmental restoration and associated civil works, a pilot test has been launched to digitize slope stabilization and protection systems. The objective is to convert them into intelligent elements, which will effectively prevent landslides or displacements.

To carry out this initiative, Witeklab has deployed the Rockchip system, an autonomous telemetry device that partially monitors the Guinardó park. Rockchip is able to detect changes in slope protection systems and provide automated data on the status of the monitored elements, their integrity and the stresses to which they are subjected.

The highlight of Rockchip lies in its use of autonomous sensors and a mixed connectivity system, which allows recording parameters in the field, transmitting them to the cloud server and presenting the data in real time through a web platform.

This approach guarantees a more effective protection of the park, since passive projection and anchoring systems are used in the rocks. In the event of sudden movements or breaking of the anchors, the alarm system will send notifications for a quick and timely intervention. In this way, a more efficient and technologically advanced protection is achieved to safeguard the natural environment of the Guinardó Park.