The figure of the Property Manager is fundamental for the management of the communities of neighbors, since he is in charge of coordinating and controlling all the necessary tasks for the correct functioning of the community. In these communities, rules and agreements are established to ensure the proper use and maintenance of common spaces, such as stairways, green areas, swimming pools, among others.

It is key to maintain an efficient management of maintenance and compliance with building regulations. To this end, Community is the Witeklab solution that every Property Manager needs, as it streamlines the tasks of maintenance and regulatory control, allowing to have a historical record of the entries and exits of maintenance personnel with the sending of incident notifications in real time. It also has a programmable calendar to schedule maintenance tasks, technical and legal revisions, etc. that allows receiving a notice when the maintenance has been performed and when it has not been performed after the indicated date.

In short, property management is a complex task that requires efficient and professional management to ensure the welfare of the communities of neighbors. Community facilitates these tasks to the Administrator and provides him with an innovative tool of great added value with which he will be able to keep a complete follow-up of the maintenance tasks and the fulfillment of the building’s regulations.