It is not uncommon during maintenance work on underground assets in trenches for a lack of communication or up-to-date documentation to result in pipes being drilled that should not have been drilled, extending the work over time and causing damage to other installations with all the problems that this entails.

It is not always easy to coordinate between all parties involved in maintenance; late replies to emails, documents that get lost, lack of efficiency in the face of unforeseen events, etc. These problems prolong the period of preparation or execution of the works so it is imperative that each and every related element (documents, photographs,…) is easily accessible by each and every one of the parties involved.

The solution to this problem is Trenchip, an IoT solution developed by Witeklab aimed at supply management companies and public bodies. Through the use of sensors, it allows the entire underground infrastructure network to be geolocated and updated information on the installation to be consulted remotely, as the data entered via its app is stored in the cloud.

Thanks to the high accuracy of the Galileo system, the Trenchip solution offers unique added value on the market. The use of the European geolocation system means that Trenchip, winner of the Galileo Masters 2020 project, can locate any point in the underground infrastructure accurately in order to excavate with precision and safety and minimise the execution time and costs of the work. This allows for quicker and more cost and time-saving actions to be carried out.

Trenchip complements Galileo geolocation with data storage in the cloud and access via web and mobile applications. In this way, any data, photograph or documentation of the installation can be assigned to the desired point through the app and therefore, it is possible to consult or update the desired information remotely. Trenchip is a complete and essential solution for the good maintenance of underground assets.