Inspections and maintenance of a structure are essential to maintain design thresholds throughout their lifetime. If you want to obtain qualitative and quantitative information on corrosion processes, it is necessary to implement techniques that require qualified personnel, as a visual inspection is ineffective during the early stages of the process.

An innovative and efficient system to accurately measure the corrosion of a structure is the use of sensors such as Witeklab’s CORROCHIP, which when embedded in the area of ​​concrete coating have a unique stability and durability in the market, which allows continuous, safe and accurate monitoring of the corrosion of reinforced concrete.

CORROCHIP has been the method used in the new improvement works carried out in 2021 in the port of Maó by the construction company VIAS. CORROCHIP sensors have been installed in the armature of one of the pylons that support the beams of the horizontal port platform and another point under the board, in a non-submerged area.

Position of the Corrochip sensors in the armature (left) and data station and connection channel (right)

CORROCHIP sensors display the information collected through the web application, which shows the location of the sensors, descriptions of the installation and the data provided by the sensors on the state of the structure. The latter is presented in various graphs on the potential, intensity and speed of corrosion.

The improvement works carried out by VIAS in the port of Maó are another of the various success stories of CORROCHIP. Due to its usefulness and uniqueness in the market, it has a great advantage when it comes to evaluating and controlling the corrosion process of reinforced concrete in a precise, simple and continuous way throughout the life of the structure. A tool that will surely revolutionize the way of monitoring pathologies and providing security in all types of infrastructures.