On 26 January, Witeklab and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) jointly offered a webinar of great relevance for the construction sector, under the title “New integrated techniques for measuring corrosion of reinforced concrete in situ in infrastructures”.

The event brought together a large number of attendees interested in learning about the latest research and developments in this crucial field for the safety and durability of infrastructures. The speakers, renowned experts in the field of concrete corrosion, discussed in depth the different measurement techniques available, with special emphasis on the innovative Corrochip solution and its revolutionary PSV-TE technique. This technique is an innovative non-destructive multi-parameter system for the detection of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures by means of embedded sensors, which facilitates the calculation of the corrosion rate of reinforcement with a high level of accuracy.

The seminar was led by Ignasi Cairó, PhD, CTO of Witeklab, Román Bataller, PhD, project leader at Witeklab, José E. Ramón, PhD, researcher at IETCC-CSIC and Josep Lliso, PhD, Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

Those attending the event not only had the opportunity to learn about the advantages of Corrochip in depth, but also to learn about the most advanced measurement and data analysis techniques and to be updated on the latest research and developments in corrosion measurement methodologies.

Video of the webinar:


Witeklab, with its constant commitment to innovation, is positioning itself as a leading company in the search for effective solutions for the measurement and control of corrosion in reinforced concrete. The organisation of this webinar has shown the importance of collaboration between academia and industry to promote the development of technologies that guarantee the safety and durability of our infrastructures.