Witeklab’s groundbreaking CORROCHIP system allows the detection and evaluation of corrosion processes in steel embedded in concrete. Thanks to Corrochip, it is possible to monitor the structure in the long term and to anticipate the problems of structural integrity.

By using wireless sensors embedded in the structure, Corrochip evaluates the state of the armor, sends and processes the data in the cloud, and visualizes the parameters graphically. The Witeklab technical team makes regular reports with the data collected and also offers advice on the interpretation of these reports and the adoption of repair and/or reinforcement measures.

The great advantage of this method is remote access to real-time data on the state of structure and progression of corrosion with a high degree of reliability. It is therefore a tool that eliminates the need for on-site interventions, achieving significant savings in maintenance tasks.

When embedded in the concrete covering area, the Corrochip sensors exhibit unique stability and durability in the market, allowing for continuous, safe and accurate monitoring of reinforced concrete corrosion. Sensors are designed to be used in both new and pre-existing structures, for the latter a minimal intervention is sufficient for the system to be integrated.