The Witeklab company is collaborating with the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the research project funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation called “Analysis and development of HBIM integration in GIS for the creation of a tourism planning protocol for the cultural heritage of a destination ”.

In this way, work has already begun to monitor different parameters of monuments in the historic center of Valencia, including the Cathedral and the church of San Juan del Hospital. Both heritage buildings are located in the area with the greatest influx of visitors to the city.

The devices installed by Witeklab will monitor the state of the buildings by measuring relevant parameters such as wall and wall collapse using inclinometers, the evolution of cracks, the ambient and surface temperature of materials, the ambient CO2 level and the flow of visitors, among others. The data obtained will be compiled on a platform where, in addition to showing locations, sensor plans and graphing the measurements in real time, other documents can be consulted, in order to have the maximum amount of information on heritage monitoring. .

Thanks to this project, the selected monuments will have a network of sensors to monitor their status in real time, to allow their sustainable use and to facilitate maintenance tasks, in order to extend the useful life of these structures and find out how the visit takes place in them.