Ignasi Cairó, CTO of Witeklab, has presented in the European Microwave Conference in Centra Europe EuMCE 2019 at Prague, the research entitled: “NFC system optimization for simultaneous powering and communication with wireless sensors”.

It is presented a new circuit methodology, implemented in a very popular communication means such as Near Field Communications (NFC), included in the mobile phones, normally used for monetary transactions, in order to power wireless sensors that require energy scavenging

EuMCE is a new series of events, inspired by the European Microwave Week that will be held every two years, visiting the main cities of Central Europe. The first EuMCE was held in Prague from May 13 to 15, 2019.

The goal of EuMCE is to better serve the microwave community in the Central European region and promote activities related to microwaves. Thanks to the associated exhibition, which attracts companies not only from Central Europe but also from the rest of the world, the microwave industry is an essential part of this new event, together with the academic world and research centers.

EuMCE provides an international forum where researchers, scientists and industrialists have the opportunity to report and discuss the latest advances in all areas of microwave theory, technology and technology, with applications in communications, industry, science, medicine, etc., with the emphasis on activities specifically developed and relevant to Central Europe.

Link: EuMCE 2019