Witeklab had the opportunity to present its solutions and projects for industrial connectivity to a delegation of R&D managers and executives from innovative French companies who visited DFactory, the hub for the promotion and development of Industry 4.0 in Barcelona.

Ignasi Cairó (PhD), CTO of WITEKLAB, explained to the members of the delegation the R&D work carried out by the company in the fields of advanced sensor technology, wireless data transmission and data processing and presentation, as well as the main features of the solutions that Witeklab has developed in this field. The presentation attracted the interest of the audience, who asked a number of questions about Witeklab’s IoT solutions.

The delegation that visited DFactory was composed of representatives of leading companies and business groups in the transport, logistics and naval defence sectors, as well as innovative companies in the field of Industry 4.0. The mission was promoted and organised by EMC2, the European competitiveness cluster for manufacturing technologies. The aim of the mission was to enable participants to meet with their Catalan counterparts, explore manufacturing-related technological challenges and discuss possible solutions that can boost the innovation strategy of the wide range of sectors represented in the mission.

Presentation by Ignasi Cairó, PhD, to the EMC2 Delegation.