Witeklab Stable Reference Electrode (W-S-RE)

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The most suitable reference electrode for measuring the electrical potential in reinforced concrete structures

Witeklab Stable Reference Electrode (W-S-RE) is a new type of corrosion reference electrode that has been developed, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), specifically for the measurement and control of the electrical potential in the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures.

W-S-RE is embedded in cement mortar and is differentiated from other electrodes by the stability of its electrical potential, although its chemical environment undergoes appreciable variations, and by its low coefficient of variation with respect to temperature. It also offers great durability and does not require any type of maintenance.

Witeklab Stable Reference Electrode (W-S-RE)

Features of W-S-RE

The W-S-RE has been developed to be part of the cell configuration of sensor systems (or multisensors) so that a stable measurement potential is obtained, regardless of its value, to apply a sequence of voltammetric procedures that allow monitoring the presence of corrosion triggering and accelerating agents.

Potential stability

The W-S-RE is characterized by the stability of its electrical potential over time, providing accurate and consistent measurements.

Durability and low maintenance

It does not require any type of maintenance and has great durability over time.Its metal/metal oxide design with a very stable REDOX couple contributes to its longevity and stability.

Low coefficient of variation

W-S-RE has a low coefficient of variation of potential with respect to temperature (-0.746 mV/oK), guaranteeing reliable results regardless of thermal variations.

Indicated for various applications

Designed to measure corrosion potentials of reinforcement in reinforced concrete. Furthermore, it is ideal to be part of sensor or multi-sensor systems, allowing the monitoring of corrosion triggering and accelerating agents.

Instalación de sensor para monitorización de la corrosión en un proyecto realizado por Acciona.

Main applications

Measurement of corrosion potentials in reinforcement embedded in reinforced concrete, through the permanent installation of the electrodes in the structure.

Integration into structural health monitoring systems (SMH) through sensors, to monitor the presence of corrosive agents.

In combination with cathodic protection systems, W-S-RE allows the corrosion potential to be monitored and provides greater control of the effect of the protection on the structure.

In aggressive environments, incorporation of W-S-RE into sensor or multisensor systems allows monitoring the presence of corrosion triggering and accelerating agents.

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The W-S-RE reference electrode is a main component of Corrochip, Witeklab’s solution for sensor-based structural health monitoring (SMH) that facilitates structural safety management and predictive maintenance.