In an scenario where RFID readers become increasingly common in hand held devices, the radios are prone to several interference, not only from external radio sources, but also from the plurality of portable devices that may become every time more common. For that reason it is of interest to well understand how these radio interference may be influencing a UHF-RFID transceiver working according to EPCglobal Class-1 Gen-2. In particular in this work it is analyzed the combination of interference coming from the self-radio, from other radio systems such as mobile phone or other RFID reader, and finally combine such effects with the appearance of multiple tag antenna interfering each other. A method based on simulation using tag antenna design, is presented to evaluate inter-tag interference in a variety of cases. For a better understanding analytic examples are presented to compute such interference interactions within the RFID system.

Published in: IEEE Journal of Radio Frequency Identification ( Volume: 2, Issue: 1, March 2018 )

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