System for the location and information of trenches and underground pipelines

With digitized document management*

*Depending on the model

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Trenchip is a comprehensive solution aimed at supply management companies and public entities, which allows marking and locating key points in subway facilities through sensors and facilitates the management of subway assets through a cloud platform, which allows recording and keeping all the information and documentation related to the assets updated and always available, with a single tool.

Trenchip applies the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities and constitutes a technologically advanced and at the same time easy to implement tool, to achieve more efficient and secure processes in the maintenance of subway assets. With Trenchip, the control and maintenance of subway trenches and pipelines is easier, safer, faster and much more economical.


Long-lasting sensors for accurate location

información en la nube

All the information in a platform available 24/7

icono realidad aumentada

Visualization of locations and layouts on the field, with augmented reality

Visualización de los sensores en el mapa

Display of layouts on the map and access to information

accesible 24/7

Improve traceability and access to information

excavación segura

Safe digging - reduces the risk of accidents

Obras más rápidas

Shortens the affectations on public roads

Fácil de implementar

Easy to implement. Short learning curve

Localice sus activos con precisión sin necesidad de excavar

Locate your assets accurately without digging

Trenchip employs long-lasting passive RFID sensors for precise location of tagged assets. The sensors are specially designed to remain inside the trenches and be subsequently detected from the surface with the Trenchip reader device, which allows the control of the markings without the need to excavate and provides greater security when reopening the trenches.

Augmented reality for on-the-ground visualization of marked points and whole layouts

The Trenchip app integrates an augmented reality tool that combines different utility maps into a single one, superimposing a representation of the underground assets on the real image captured by the app, making it possible to easily visualize and locate points and pipeline layouts on the ground.

Thanks to the Galileo location system (included in the GNSS tools) and in conjunction with the Trenchip system, this tool enables <10 cm accuracy for field location of underground pipelines and for real-time mapping of new utility installations. On the augmented reality image it is possible to manage and update the map grid data based on the precise location, as well as make corrections to existing utility maps, with high-precision localization.

Fix information fragmentation with Trenchip

The implementation of Trenchip solves the traceability of the information related to the marked points and facilitates their management. Trenchip’s web and mobile applications simplify the entry, consultation and updating of data, documents and images of assets, tasks that can be performed both on-site and remotely.

Visualisation of paths and access to information on the map

Trenchip’s software integrates a Geographic Information System (GIS) which allows the location of sensors and the routing of underground pipelines to be shown on a digitized map. On Trenchip’s platform the user can browse the map and access the details that have been added previously to the sensors and routes. Likewise, the augmented reality tool allows obtaining 3D images in the field by means of a simple point image scanning system, in order to be able to later visualize infrastructure elements in 3D remotely for analysis and detailed observation from any angle.
Las aplicaciones web y móvil de Trenchip simplifican la introducción, la consulta y la actualización de datos sobre los activos subteráneos
Example of Trenchip implementation and recovery of infrastructure images after covering it.

For all types of installations and pipelines

Trenchip allows you to mark and identify underground assets at a depth of up to 110 cm (verified in real conditions), making it a suitable solution for application in all types of pipelines and installations:
  • Lighting
  • Telephony
  • Fiber optic
  • Electrical network (MT, BT)
  • Natural gas
  • Drinking water
  • Waste water
  • Pipeline and rainwater tanks
  • Irrigation systems
  • Sewerage

100% localization accuracy with Galileo

The GNSS receiver of the Trenchip reader, developed by Witeklab, combines the signals of the European Galileo system and those of the other fleets of positioning satellites currently in operation and terrestrial receivers with coverage in most territories.

Using noise reduction algorithms, atmospheric scattering effects, and Doppler error correction, it achieves higher accuracy than other systems, guaranteeing precise sensor detection.

Galileos atop Ariane 5. Copyright: ESA-Pierre Carril, 2017.

Trenchip solutions for specific needs



Underground asset mapping and localisation system

TrenchBasic allows the location and mapping of points in underground assets, down to a depth of up to 1 metre, using passive RFID sensors and specific reader equipment.

Unlike other solutions on the market, TrenchBasic incorporates an application that records the precise location of each sensor, allows sensors to be grouped into projects and facilitates the transfer of location data for digitisation on a GIS map and its visualisation on a digital map.

It is an easy to implement solution, whose simplicity provides rapid adoption and incorporation into work processes, suitable for applications where only the location and mapping features of Trenchip are required.

Trenchip Wall

Keys to TrenchBasic→


Locate the installation accurately and precisely

información en la nube

The app stores locations and allows you to create projects.

Visualización de los sensores en el mapa

Allows transfer of location information for display on the map

Galileos atop Ariane 5. Copyright: ESA-Pierre Carril, 2017.

Trenchip Wall

Solution for the location and management of manhole maintenance with 3D images and augmented reality.

Trenchip Wall is a specific solution for manhole maintenance management, offering all the functionalities of Trenchip and incorporating advanced imaging features. This solution uses sensors specifically designed for use in manholes. Among the features of its application, the 3D imaging function and the augmented reality tool are particularly relevant for this field of application, which allow the addition of virtual elements to real images in field inspections.

In addition to these functions, Trenchip’s own document management functions can be added, allowing photographs and videos of the marked manholes to be stored, technical information to be archived and a historical record to be kept of the actions carried out at each point. These features, together with the image functions, make Trenchip Wall a totally innovative tool for the registration and comprehensive management of manhole maintenance.

Keys to Trenchip Wall →


Precise location of manholes with long-life sensors

Visualización de los sensores en el mapa

Visualisation of sensors and tracks on the map

información en la nube

Registration and access to information via app

3D image generation and recording

icono realidad aumentada

Augmented reality tool

Galileo Masters 2020 Prize Winner tag

Trenchip incorporates technology developed jointly by Witeklab’s team of engineers and the Metamaterials Research Centre for Innovation in Electronics and Communications Technologies (CIMITEC) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Witeklab’s TRENCHIP “Underground precise pipe localization” project was the winner of the 2020 Galileo Masters Catalonia Challenge in the Galileo satellite category.


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