WITEKLAB has submitted its remote monitoring of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures to the ARPHO Product 2022 Award.

This work was carried out in the port of Mahón (Menorca) where corrosion is one of the most worrying problems with the greatest economic impact in the area. The accurate measurement of corrosion in reinforced concrete is important to analyze the durability and service life of the structure. By detecting corrosion early and acting proactively, the lifetime of the structure is extended, maintenance costs are significantly reduced and safety is ensured.

CORROCHIP is an innovative system for the detection and evaluation of corrosion processes in steel embedded in concrete that allows remote monitoring of the condition of the structure over time by obtaining information on the propagation of corrosion with a high degree of reliability. The remote monitoring and reliability of the PSV-TE technique, exclusive to CORROCHIP under patent protection, allows to greatly optimize the management of structures and to achieve significant reductions in inspection and maintenance costs by providing the critical parameters.